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The Secrets Behind Pregnancy Moms Being Healthy !

The secrets behind pregnancy moms being healthy !

Did you ever know that 65% of the world drink goat’s milk over cow’s milk?
Yes it’s true!


Thousand of expecting moms are worried about giving birth especially the life- threatening complications and unwanted interventions.
But yes, they can overcome those fears by eating healthy during pregnancy. Did you ever heard that goat’s milk can gives energy during birth?
Yes, definitely. Because goat’s milk are rich in folic acid which is the most fastest acid absorbed by human body.
Folic acid is important to strengthen the mom’s womb. Folic acid is crucial in the development of DNA.
As a result, folic acid plays an important role in tissue formation, as well as cell growth and development.

2) Slightly less lactose

Apparently, milk is a good source of calcium which helps the form of foetal skeleton.
Goat’s milk are less likely to cause lactose intolerance (because the less lactose molecules) and makes it easier to digest than cow’s milk.
Almost half of the people who are lactose intolerant able to drink goat’s milk. YES! no doubt! But for most women, eating healthy foods is not enough. To reach
the recommended daily level, vitamin supplement is also needed to get an essential nutrients.

3) Easily digest

Goat milk is easy to digest even for babies. The digestion of fat globules are easier because it contains higher proportion of short and medium-chain fatty acids
which allows the intestinal enzymes to digest the fat easier.

4) Ideal baby weight

Babies would gain more weight and have better skeletal mineralization after birth. Most people with a dairy allergy CAN have GOAT MILK because the protein in goat milk are much easier to digest compared to cow’s milk. It gives enough nutrients
to both moms and babies. By drinking goat’s milk can reduce the risk of jaundice and gaining ideal baby weight after giving birth.

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